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Books with Photographs Exclusively by Esther Bubley

Fields of Vision

Amy Pastan, series editor
Introduction by Melissa Fay Greene
Series statement by W. Ralph Eubanks

London, UK: GILES in association with The Library of Congress, 2010 ISBN 978-1-904832-48-5

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Esther Bubley: On Assignment

Bonnie Yochelson,
with Tracy A. Schmid, Esther Bubley Archive
Design by Linda Florio

New York: Aperture Foundation, 2005 ISBN 193178857X

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Charlie Parker

Hank O'Neal

Paris, France: Filipacchi, 1995 (printed in French only) ISBN 2850182230

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Esther Bubley's World of Children in Photographs

Esther Bubley

New York: Dover Publications, 1981 ISBN 0844658804

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How Kittens Grow

Millicent E. Selsam

New York: Four Winds Press,1975,1973 ISBN 0590074091 (Printed in several languages)

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How Puppies Grow

Millicent E. Selsam

New York: Four Winds Press 1971 (Printed in several languages) ISBN 0590071904

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A Mysterious Presence; Macrophotography of Plants

Esther Bubley with text by Percy Knauth

New York: Workman Publishing,1979 ISBN 0911104984, cloth ISBN 0911104992

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Rockefeller New York; A Tour by Henry Hope Reed

New York: Greensward Foundation, Inc., 1988 ISBN 0931311039

Zoo Pals

Ann McGovern

New York: The Ridge Press (for Scholastic Book Services), 1960

Books Containing Photographs by Esther Bubley (Partial List)

New York, Portrait of a City

Reuel Golden

Los Angeles, CA: Taschen, 2010 ISBN 978-3836505147

Black & White & Noir

Paula Rabinowitz

New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 2002 ISBN 023111480X (cloth) 0231114818 (paper)


Howard B. Rock and Deborah Dash Moore

New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 2001 ISBN 0231106246

Defining Eye: Women Photographers of the 20th Century

Olivia Lahs-Gonzales

The St. Louis Art Museum, 1997 ISBN 0891780475

Documenting America, 1935-1945

Carl Fleischauer and Beverly W. Brannan, editors

Berkeley: University of California Press in association with the Library of Congress, 1988

Get the Picture

John G. Morris

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2002

Granger Country, A Pictorial Social History of the Burlington Railroad

Lloyd Lewis and Stanley Pargellis

Boston: Little Brown and Co., 1949

The Great East River Bridge

The Brooklyn Museum of Art

New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1983

The Great Pictures 1949: The Outstanding Photographs from the Sixth Annual "News Pictures of the Year" Competition and Exhibition

Clifton C. Edon, editor

New York: Greenberg, 1949

A History of Women Photographers

Naomi Rosenblum

Abbeville Press, 1994 ISBN 1558597611

In This Proud Land: America 1935-1943 As Seen In the FSA Photographs

Roy Emerson Stryker and Nancy Wood

Greenwich, CT: New York Graphic Society Ltd. and New York: Rapoport Printing Corp. 1973 ISBN 0821205218

Industry and the Photographic Image: 153 Great Prints From 1850 to the Present

F. Jack Hurley, editor

New York: Dover Publications Rochester: George Eastman House, 1980 ISBN: 0486239802

Let Us Now Praise Famous Women; Women Photographers for the US Government 1935 to1944

Andrea Fisher

New York: Pandora Press, 1987 ISBN 0863581234 (p)

LIFE: The Second Decade 1946-1955

Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1984


Helen Gee

University of New Mexico Press, 1997

Making Connections: The Long-Distance Bus Industry in the USA

Margaret Walsh

Ashgate Publishing, 2000

The Men Who Made Central Park

M. M. Graff

New York: Greensward Foundation, 1982

New York City Folklore

B. A. Botkin

New York: Random House, 1956

Out of the Forties

Nicholas Lemann

Texas Monthly Press, 1981 reprinted by Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998 ISBN 1560987223 (alk. paper)

Photography from 1839 to Today

William S. Johnson, Mark Rice, and Carla Williams

Köln: Taschen, 1999, Rochester, NY: photographs, George Eastman House, ISBN: 3822870730

Photography Is A Language

John Whiting

New York: Arno Press, 1979 New York: Ziff Davis, 1946 ISBN 0405096585


Arthur Rothstein

New York: American Photographic Book Publishing, 1956

Roy Stryker: The Humane Propagandist

James C. Anderson, editor

Louisville, KY: J.B. Speed Art Museum, 1977

Roy Stryker: U.S.A., 1943-1950

Steven Plattner

Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press, 1983 ISBN 0292770286

Silent Witnesses: Representations of Working-Class Women in the United States

Jacqueline Ellis

Bowling Green, OH : Bowling Green State University Press, 1998 ISBN 0879727438 (cloth) ISBN 0879727446 (pbk.)

These Are Our People

Emery F. Bacon, editor

Pittsburgh, PA: United Steelworkers of America, 1956

Times of Sorrow & Hope: Documenting Everyday Life in Pennsylvania During the Depression and World War II, a Photographic Record

Allen Cohen and Ronald L. Filippelli

University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2003 ISBN 0271022523

The Way We Were

Daniel Okrent

New York: Grove Weidenfeld, 1989 ISBN 1555843581

Witness to the Fifties: The Pittsburgh Photographic Library, 1950-1953

Constance B. Schulz and Steven W. Plattner, Editors. Narrative by Clarke M. Thomas

Pittsburgh, PA: The University of Pittsburgh Press, 1999 ISBN 0822941112